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If You Are Creative, Spiritually Minded Woman, Free Spirit, Or Passionate Feminist Who Feels Sexually Stuck, 
Then This Is For You.
Let’s talk about SEX. 

Or rather, let's talk about how you feel in your body, your relationship with pleasure, putting your needs first, voicing what you want, and feeling unashamed. 

Because it's not just about sex, isn't it? 

If it was you would have gotten it all figured out by now. 

It's way more than what you were taught in high school, what you've read online, or how many vibrators you own. 

If you're on this page, I bet that like 90% of other women around the world, sex isn't really working for you. You know that there is more to experience, and that you deserve more pleasure.... but you have no idea where to start or what to do first.

Or maybe you've already dabbled in some workshops and now you're hungry to go further. 

You want to feel like a grown woman. You want to feel confident in your body, fully connected to your pleasure, and like a sensual goddess. 

You're fed up of feeling like there are cobwebs growing between your legs. You're fed up of unsatisfying relationships that go nowhere and bleed you dry. 

What you need is someone who is trained, certified, and sex-savvy who's gone down this path before to guide you along the way.

But you may not have the finances available to work privately with a therapist or coach, and there are so many different workshops and retreats to choose from that you feel overwhelmed. 

I get it, I've been there. 

So I decided to make this simple, easy to access, and affordable. I believe that pleasure-focused and consent-based sex education is a fundamental right for everyone. 


Not only that, but I believe that when women claim their sexual power and erotic selves, the world changes. 


When you join The Liberated Collective, you'll receive access to my exclusive online membership designed to empower you with everything you need to know to fall in love with your body again, become fully embodied AND feel sexually confident in a way that's easy to understand. 

No BS. No weirdness. Just straight up real talk.  

And a hell of a lot of fun too. 😉

But before we get into that, let me introduce myself…
Hi, I'm Lucy.

I’m a Certified Sex Coach ™ and a clinical sexologist, writer, empath and passionate pleasure advocate from Brighton.

I am trained in clinical sexology, which is the study of human sexual behaviour and how we think and feel about it. 

Before I was a Sex Coach, I felt just as confused about sex, pleasure, and intimacy as you may be right now. 

I was completely disconnected from my body because I grew up in the Church where sexuality was something “dirty”, “dangerous”, and we had to suppress our “ungodly desires”. 
Lucy Rowett, Sex and Relationship Coach
If you’ve ever heard of “the purity movement”, I was completely immersed in it.

When I decided to break away and start my own exploration into my body, my desire, and who I was as a sexual being- I had no idea where to start. I didn’t know how my body worked, I had never experienced an orgasm and I was too shy to ask for what I wanted.

Fast forward 8 years of exploration in the world of spirituality, Tantra, personal development and finally, clinical sexology. Let’s say I had my fair share of bumps and heartbreaks, and also pure ecstasy, surrender, and awakening.

I have trained with leaders in this field, received the BEST in sexology training and have a whole network of amazing professionals I can call my colleagues and friends. 

My approach is down to earth and holistic- but I won't get too "woo" on you or tell you to "embrace your feminine energy".

What’s more, I’ve got real credentials to back it up too.

I’m a professional member of the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) and the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) and am fully insured. 

Why? Because I care about my work and I care about your transformation. I've done the work and love what I do. 

I’m proudly sex-positive, kink-friendly, pro-eroticism, and LGBTQIA+ friendly. 

Think of me as your sexual cheerleader because I want to help you to have it all. 

I make it my business to invest in my training and professional development so that I am not only enriching myself, but giving you the best standard of care. 

I've worked my arse off to release my internalized shame and I hope to empower you to do the same. 

The reality is, too many women are living in a pit of shame. We were failed by sex education, and failed by our culture that tells us to be SEXY and ATTRACTIVE but not be sexual beings who embrace our pleasure. 

Crazy right?

We walk this crazy tightrope of having to look attractive and be sexually available... but not be "too" sexual. 

If you were brought up in a conservative or deeply religious household, you'll know what I mean.

Or if you were ever slut shamed, told to stop flirting, or told not to wear that dress because it was too revealing. You'll know.  

So how do you release yourself from the shackles of shame, confusion, and feeling numb?

You can start by reading books, listening to podcasts, going to talks, and dabbling in workshops. That was how I started my journey and I recommend lots of resources on my website.

But to do the REAL work of unshackling yourself, you need to work with a pro. 

Hire a sex coach.

This kind of work is deep and transformational. You'll be confronting your deepest fears and biases. And I promise, the results impact more than just your bedroom. 

Let me be honest. Working with a sex coach is a big investment- both in your time and financially. I only work with a few clients per month and I only take people who are fully committed to do the work. 

Or you can hop from workshop to workshop, and spend a fortune on retreats, where you aren't 100% sure what you're doing or if you're comfortable with all of the exercises. 

Maybe you're already a seasoned workshopper and have had some icky experiences on your journey.


When you first enter the world of sex-positivity and conscious sexuality, it can feel overwhelming. 

When you aren't completely comfortable with your body and sure of your boundaries, workshops can feel waaaaay to much. 

So what I’ve done for you is create a private membership to take out the overwhelm and still be able to work with me.

This is a safe space designed to empower you, give you up to date sexological knowledge AND peer support on your own bloody terms.

This is an opportunity to work with me at a fraction of the cost, receive my support, and expertise- like having your very own sex-pert in your back pocket. 

I'll be guiding you on the way to sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Think of me like your sexual fairy godmother, here to give you the gift that you’ve actually always had all along: Your joy, bliss and juiciness!

I know that if you're reading this, 

You KNOW that you want to have more pleasure in your life.
You are DEEPLY craving passionate desire.
You don't want to feel like there are cobwebs growing between your legs anymore.
You are SO ready to claim your erotic self.
You are SO ready to look forward to sex again. 

So here’s what I have for you…
Introducing "The Liberated Collective" 
your 24/7 Support Hub On How To Release Sexual Shame, Embrace Pleasure, And Ask For What You Want so That you Become Sexually Empowered and FEARLESS!
Inside this exclusive membership - which you’ll have access to via website login and a Secret FB Group, you will receive; 
Members Only Masterclasses
Members Only Coaching Calls
Members Only Content
Members Only Prices To Live Events

Have more PLEASURE. Become the erotically empowered, sensual, and juicy woman you've always dreamt of being. 

Let’s break it all down. 
Here's what you're getTing...
Each month you'll have access to:

  •  Instant access to ALL my trainings… inviting you to step into your sexual power, pleasure potential and erotic freedom. 
  •  Members-only prices to my in-person workshops and trainings in Brighton and London.
  •  Unlimited access to a secret online group of sisters to get support. 
  •  Unlimited access to private Group coaching to have all your questions, concerns, and roadblocks answered
  •  Instant access to all of the recordings from our Coaching sessions
  • Access to me, your pleasure-permission slip giver and sexual fairy godmother. 
  • And so, sooooo much more.
This is what you've been waiting for
"Lucy is great at responding to any questions that you have (as silly as they maybe to you), and sends links to books or websites that help me immensely. She is not judgemental in any way which is great for me (and everyone that she works with) and I love getting updates to the live classes that she does, as they help me immensely. Thank you Lucy so much, you are a great teacher and your classes are 100% informative that I know that I can finally have sex the way that is good for me."
Ayesha Patel - U.K
"Lucy really, really knows her stuff. Talking with her I learnt so much and felt totally comfortable about discussing intimate and personal subjects. Thanks for your knowledge and empowering attitude."

Helen Thatcher - U.K

Ready to say yes to your body, YES TO YOUR PLEASURE, YES to more of what you want, YES TO more orgasms and a big fat hell yes to your authentic sexual self?  

What’s the investment?
When you join today, you'll lock in your membership for £27pm. No contract. No ties. No catch. 

If at any point you decide The Liberated Collective isn't for you, you can simply say goodbye and I won't take another penny. No hard feelings, because I know that I'm not right for everyone. 
So here’s how you get started?
Click the order button below and you’ll be taken to the secure checkout page where all you have to do is enter your regular details and complete your investment £27, then £27pm ongoing, cancel anytime.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be sent to a page where you can register your email address for The Vault and join the secret FB group. YAY!

Once you're in there, you’ll be notified when a new masterclass / mastermind is on and how to ask questions in advance in case you’re unable to make it live!
Is there a guarantee? 
Yes of course. 

If you’re not 100% satisfied, email me at and let me know what didn’t work for you and I’ll happily refund you! I welcome your feedback as to how I can make my trainings even better. 

Remember you’re getting access to an incredible amount of knowledge and support to help you become sexually empowered and at home in your body.

I’m doing this as a way to have you falling in love with your body, embracing pleasure, and finally becoming the sex goddess you've always dreamed of. 
Do I have to be in a relationship or married to join?
No! Because this is all about YOU. Your body, your sexuality, your pleasure. This is for you regardless of your relationship status. If you're single, it's your chance to really know yourself intimately before getting into a relationship. If you're coupled up, this will feed your relationship.

Is this only for women?
Yes. This is a community just for women, and female-identified. Sorry blokes, you are wonderful, but this is a space for women to find themselves again. 
How will this impact my relationship? Will we be doing anything "weird"?
Every relationship is different, and has different relationship agreements. My hunch is that you're here because your relationship is struggling because of sex. This is your place to heal and grow to ultimately transform your relationship. Everything that happens here is confidential, and you do not have to share anything that is a hard limit or breaks the boundaries of your relationship. 

What if I have more questions?
No worries! Contact me at or message Lucy directly here (link straight to FB messenger)
P.S. When you sign up, your monthly fee will never increase and you'll lock in the £27pm price. The membership cost will be going up when I re-open so make sure you lock in your membership now...

P.P.S. If You want to get started, click the order button and enter your regular details and join The Liberated Collective today.
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